Temple: The Best Craft Beer + Music + Art

Temple is a renowned Argentine craft brewery founded in 2010 that currently has 35 locations throughout the country.

Its story begins when a group of friends, freshly graduated from university, took on the challenge of purchasing an Irish pub in the microcentro neighborhood, Buenos Aires. Back then, it was a family business going through tough times and required many changes, which these entrepreneurs tackled with dedication and enthusiasm. They restructured debts, updated the menu and interior design, and intensified marketing efforts to establish the brand in the market.

With the new management and the renewed atmosphere, the place experienced a complete transformation. The inclusion of communal tables and multiple DJs infused the bar with vibrant energy, resulting in a threefold increase in revenue within just six months of its reopening. They then introduced franchises and expanded the brand across the country, even opening their own brewery and implementing inventive marketing formats like Temple Craft, which featured smaller self-service locations. The brand’s growth was on a roll!

In 2019, they ventured into the retail sector.

Temple is always on the lookout for new ways to wow its customers and actively supports music and visual arts.

Setting Foot in Miami

We were in charge of the design and execution of the brand’s Wynwood location, which opened on June 15th. Being part of this project brought us great joy as Temple is a company known for its innovative approach and continuous pursuit of improvement in its products, and services.

Temple is committed to making its guests feel at home. The brewery’s premises are filled with art, and the design is geared toward creating a space where people can meet, relax, and socialize.

Our goal was to bring their motto to life: “Enjoy beer, Share music, and Create culture.” The brand’s identity is present in every detail, reflecting not only the founders’ passion for craft beer but also for design and music.

Defined by an industrial aesthetic, the interior has both high and low tables that extend towards the sidewalk, offering options for those who prefer to sit outdoors. The sleek, simple, and functional furniture is strategically arranged to encourage social interaction, create a lively atmosphere, and facilitate staff circulation.

The mural on the facade was created by the Chilean artist Florencia Campóo, known as “Moff,” who has been working with the brand for years (@moff.cl)

For Temple, the opening of its Miami location is a significant milestone. With an exceptional selection of craft beers, art, and live music, it is the perfect spot for those seeking a fun atmosphere and a top-notch culinary experience.