Farm to Table: Meet Ol’Days

How much we love this project!

Ol’Days was born in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, in 2014. It started as a coffee shop and eventually evolved into a full-service restaurant due to customer demand.

Originating from the province of Corrientes, Martina, Juliana, and Camila, like many young people in the country, moved to Buenos Aires to pursue their university studies. It was the nostalgia for their hometown and for sharing delicious meals with their families that inspired them to create a unique gastronomic concept where diners could feel ‘at home’ and enjoy dishes prepared with love and dedication.

The founders explain it on

“In 2014, we started with the vision of conveying a “Homie” feeling in the midst of the city. We missed our home, the idea of coming back from work and hearing the sound of food being prepared, family conversations… We created a familiar, relaxed, and laid-back atmosphere where we welcome nostalgic travelers, entrepreneurs, and neighborhood locals with a “thirst” for home 🙂 Being at Ol’Days is like dropping by our homes… there will always be someone to greet you, and we always have something cooking, haha. With a cup of coffee, our mission is to bridge distances.”

When the brand made its way to Midtown Miami, we were honored to lead the design and execution of its inaugural location.

Tasty and healthy food + Pet Friendly! (The pictures belong to @oldaysusa)

At Ol’Days, they work with fresh products from local suppliers. Under the motto “We are what we eat,” they give importance to seasonal ingredients and the use of eco-friendly and reusable materials in their packaging. Additionally, they offer a variety of homemade products, such as jams and granola, which complement their culinary offerings. They strive to provide customers with an exceptional gastronomic experience and to maintain a strong commitment to the environment.

This was the facade and the interior of the place. It’s always interesting to see the before of the projects, right?

We worked to ensure that every corner of the space reflects the distinctive essence of Ol’Days. From the selection of materials to the precise placement of decorative elements, each staff member contributed their skill and passion to create a warm, inviting, and comfortable environment.

We are proud of the collaboration and dedication of our team, as we believe it is these collective efforts that truly make Mico’s designs exceptional.

🟤 Upon entering, people are greeted by the wood’s warmth and the soft, earthy tones of exposed brick walls.

🟤 Ol’Days’ color palette is composed of neutral and light colors, creating a super cozy atmosphere.

🟤New and recycled materials and rustic and natural textures were combined to create an environment that aligns with the brand’s philosophy.

🟤 Simple and beautiful is the mural with the brand’s logo. The orange blossom flower is very significant to Ol’Days as it is linked to a recipe of the founders’ great-grandmother.

🟤 The corner outdoor table is a hit, everyone wants to take photos in that spot.

🟤 The different styles of chairs give the space a unique look. (We didn’t talk about these designs in the previous post, we will include them in the next article 😉)

According to the Argentine newspaper La Nación, the brand has successfully expanded in the United States, generating a revenue of USD 2,000,000 in its first year in Miami.

Find Ol’Days* at:

Midtown, Miami 3301 1st Ave
NY 1165 Broadway
Tribeca 73 Warren St.

*Mico Design Studio was solely responsible for the Miami location.

We are so thankful for the chance to work with Ol’Days. It was an amazing experience.

Until next time!