Beauty and Wellness: Nails & Co. in Miami 

Let’s talk about Nails & Co., a beauty salon founded in Cordoba, Argentina, which has expanded rapidly and now has 19 locations in several provinces of Argentina, as well as new branches in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and Miami, USA.

Nails & Co. was one of the pioneering brands in Argentina and the first in the province of Cordoba to offer exclusive nail aesthetic services, as well as incorporating semi-permanent nail polish.

One of Nails & Co’s distinctive features is its contemporary salon style, reflecting the company’s philosophy of providing customers with a unique and relaxing experience from the moment they enter their locations. The salons emphasize simplicity, with straight lines and neutral colors predominating. By incorporating modern and functional furniture with few decorative elements, Nails & Co. achieves a refined aesthetic that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the space.

Nails & Co. summoned us to work on the Midtown location. In this case, our goal was to replicate their design in this new commercial setting. 

We selected the materials, finishes, furniture, lighting, and all the details necessary to achieve the design objectives, meeting the quality standards required by the brand, and staying true to its original concept.

The space layout is simple and efficient, allowing stylists to work and move easily between workstations. Shelves and auxiliary furniture were strategically placed to facilitate storage, transportation, and access to products and work tools. In this kind of business,  it is crucial to consider the design of reception and waiting areas for clients, typically situated at the entrance. 

To achieve a modern and elegant atmosphere, lacquered boiserie-type frames were installed on the walls, complemented by large mirrors in the hairdressing area. The mirrors serve a dual purpose: creating depth and reflecting natural light to visually enlarge the space. Additionally, the use of white bricks and glossy black tiles in divided sections adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the salon.

Porcelain tile flooring resembling wood, adds warmth to the space, and it is a great choice for a beauty salon due to its resistance and ease of cleaning. This material also offers versatility in combining other decorative elements and colors, and its durability ensures a long-term investment for the business.

The only decorative pieces included were a series of ceramic rabbits, animals that are associated with prosperity in Japanese culture, and a group of Maneki Neko, white kittens considered good luck and fortune charms. It is not by chance that they have been assigned a place at the entrance counter. In Japanese, “Maneki Neko” means “cat that invites you in,” and it is said that its left paw up attracts customers. If you are interested in learning more about all the attributes of Maneki Neko and their meanings, stay tuned for upcoming posts. 

Collaborating with the Nails & Co. team was a true pleasure. We hope that customers enjoy an unparalleled experience in this new location.