Cafe Americano’s Newest Hotspot in Brickell City Centre

Cafe Americano just opened its location in Brickell City with our design. See how it turned out! 😍

Brickell City Centre

Many of you may already know about Brickell City Centre, but if you haven’t yet and are planning a trip to Miami, we recommend considering this district and shopping center in your itinerary.

Brickell City Centre is a massive complex that spans three blocks. It has four commercial levels, a movie theater, and over 300 stores from the most exclusive brands. Additionally, it includes two corporate towers, two residential towers, and the first East hotel in the United States. East Hotel is a Hong Kong-based hotel chain that also has a presence in Beijing, China. The most interesting thing about Brickell East is that among its signature restaurants is Quinto La Huella, an adaptation of the renowned Uruguayan grill, Parador La Huella, located in the coastal town of Jose Ignacio.

Brickell City Centre Miami
Ph. Ariel Tutillo

Whether it’s for shopping or just strolling around, Brickell City Centre is a great tourist option. Now, let’s get to what brought us to this post!

Cafe Americano

Cafe Americano opened its first locations in Las Vegas in 2014, at the emblematic Caesars Palace and Paris Hotel. Later, it expanded to Miami with branches at the Victor’s Hotel on Ocean Drive and the UMA Hotel on Collins Avenue.

For this new spot, at Mico Design Studio we drew inspiration from Cafe Americano’s Las Vegas spaces and classic American diners from the 1950s.

What Were American Diners Like in the 1950s?

Diners emerged in the United States in the 1920s and gained popularity until they became icons of American culture. Located alongside roads on cities’ outskirts, they had a casual atmosphere, opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offered fast food such as hamburgers, pancakes, and shakes.

Its interior was characterized by booths and stools upholstered in vinyl or leather, neon signs, and checkered floors. Pastel colors like pink, yellow, and mint green predominated, which, in turn, were combined with black, brown, and white tones.

There are very famous movies that have scenes in diners, such as Grease (1978), Pulp Fiction (1994), and Back to the Future (1985). In the latter, Lou’s place serves as the setting for one of the most important moments of the story: Marty meets his father, a young George McFly.

Back to the Future Film, Marty Mc Fly  running to Lou's cafe

The Making Of

The barstools facing the counter, leather-upholstered booths, lighting, and vibrant neon signs create a classic American diner ambiance. Adding to the nostalgic charm, a vintage jukebox warmly welcomes the guests. While wooden jukeboxes ceased production by 1940, we decided to include one as a tribute to the origins of this element that would become iconic in the following decades. In the 1950s, jukeboxes transformed, adopting contemporary materials like plastic, metal, and glass, resulting in more vibrant and captivating designs and colors. One perfect example is the Wurlitzer 1015, hailed as the all-time favorite jukebox. Now, can you guess what first catches Marty McFly’s eye the moment he steps into Lou’s cafe? 😁

Cafe Americano Bar Interior Design  Miami

The furniture and wooden structures are made of natural oak with a satin finish and tables feature a terrazzo surface, which adds style and character to the design. Due to its numerous benefits, terrazzo is an ideal choice for a commercial space. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and resistant to stains, scratches, and fading.

New Cafe Americano location inspired by 1950's American diners

To add the design a more contemporary accent we used light wood porcelain on the floors and rattan panels on the bar. Moreover, we replaced the typical 1950s chrome finishes with matte gold painting and installed a palm tree wallpaper that captures and conveys Miami’s spirit. Bold wallpapers featuring large-scale botanical motifs, particularly tropical ones, are one of the interior decoration trends of 2023.

Cafe Americano Tropical Wallpaper Interior Design 2023 trends

We hope you love Cafe Americano’s new location as much as we do. Stay tuned for upcoming openings!