Lovely Denim’s First Store in the United States

Lovely Denim originated in Argentina in 2012 as a project among friends and gained popularity thanks to its unique and high-quality designs. This success drove them to expand its presence, opening eight stores and a thriving wholesale channel.

In 2021, Lovely Denim tasked us with replicating the design and integrating it into the Miami commercial environment

Lovely Denim before

What Does It Mean to Take the Lead in Executing a Pre-Established Design Project?

Taking charge of executing a design project that has already been established may seem like a straightforward task, but it requires effectively navigating a series of steps. First and foremost, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the project at hand. It involves carefully reviewing and analyzing the blueprints, specifications, and visual references.

We must be meticulous and precise in adhering to the specifications of the original design, while also having the flexibility to adapt to potential changes or adjustments without compromising its essence. This includes the ability to explore alternative materials or finishes should the initial choices be unavailable or should the client’s preferences change.

In addition, it is necessary to have good time management skills and the ability to organize work schedules, meet deadlines and coordinate all necessary resources to ensure that the project progresses smoothly.

A well-designed store significantly impacts its success by enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Therefore, let’s shed light on the key elements to consider when conceptualizing such a design:

Brand Identity: Designers must carefully select colors, materials, and textures that align with the brand’s image and essence.

Target Audience: The store’s interior should cater to the specific demographic that the brand targets. Designing a clothing store for adults differs greatly from creating one for children. For spaces aimed at children, the objective is to create vibrant and stimulating environments that ignite their imagination, incorporating play areas. In contrast, spaces designed for a youthful or adult audience emphasize comfort and optimal garment display.

Customer Experience: The overall experience customers have within the store is influenced by various factors, including the space layout, product exhibiting areas, fitting rooms, and checkout counter. Striving for an easily navigable layout that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience is key.

Durable Materials: Selecting appropriate wall coverings, flooring, and furniture that align with the brand’s style is essential. Additionally, these materials should be durable and require minimal maintenance.

Display Furniture: Sturdy and visually appealing modules, shelves, hangers, mannequins, and strategically placed mirrors ensure a good display of garments. Customers should be able to locate the items for sale effortlessly and without feeling overwhelmed.

Lighting: We need to accentuate and highlight the displayed products. Additionally, lighting plays a fundamental role in creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Fitting Rooms: They should be spacious, comfortable, count with large mirrors and benches, and guarantee privacy.

Storage Areas: Well-organized storage areas facilitate employee work and customer service..

Some Details of Lovely Denim:

White Walls and Ceiling.
✔ Creates a sense of open space, brightness, order, and cleanliness.
✔ Highlights the products.

Display furniture painted in semi-matte worn white with a clear lacquer finish and fireproof treatment. It includes fixed and movable shelves, as well as front and side display bars.
✔ Provides variety in the arrangement of garments and accessories.
✔ Offers comfort for customers.

Cash counter with two stools for customers. The walls in this area are painted in a black-blue color with raised letters.
✔ The clear space at the payment area prevents visual clutter and keeps the focus on the products and brand signage with illuminated 3D letters.
✔ The stools provide comfort and encourage interaction with the cashier.
✔ Color of the reception desk background adds depth and sophistication while highlighting the cash counter area.

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Track lighting system.
✔ Can be easily moved and adjusted to create different lighting effects and prioritize specific display areas or products.
✔ Designed to withstand the demands of daily use in a commercial environment.

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Wood-look porcelain tile in a worn white color.
✔ Provides brightness and spaciousness.
✔ The worn effect adds a rustic and welcoming touch.
✔ It is durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean, ideal for a high-traffic commercial setting.

Colorful facade.
✔ Integrates the store into the artistic environment of Wynwood while reflecting the creative and avant-garde spirit of the brand.
✔ Attracts customers, creates a positive brand image, and increases visibility.

Everyone knows that the facade with bands of colors belongs to Lovely Denim

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