Paperfish: A Case of Success

We’re excited to share the news of one of our most beloved projects. Paperfish recently earned the title of Best Sushi Restaurant in Miami for the third consecutive year, according to the Miami New Times ranking.

Miami New Times, a cultural reference in Florida with a remarkable 36-year history, includes the Best of Miami distinctions every year, covering restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, services, and more. These accolades are awarded based o readers’ votes, functioning as a way for the community to celebrate the best the city offers while recognizing businesses for their hard work and dedication.

Chef Michael Asalie showcases his innovative Nikkei cuisine, blending Japanese and Peruvian flavors. With locations in Brickell and South Beach, the restaurant is renowned for its signature dishes such as the Ichiban Sando (crispy rice sandwich with spicy tuna, avocado, crab salad, and clarified garlic butter), Miso Black Cod (marinated black cod in miso sauce), and Tuna Crispy Rice (crispy rice topped with tuna tartare, avocado, and Nikkei sauce), among other delicious options. In addition, they offer an Omakase experience, which in Japanese means “I’ll leave it up to you.” In the context of a restaurant, Omakase refers to a meal where the chef prepares dishes using the freshest ingredients available, and the customer entrusts their choices entirely to the chef’s expertise and creativity. Under the leadership of Chef Michael Asalie, who also won the Sushi Battle at the South Beach Seafood Festival (2022), Paperfish Sushi offers an exceptional culinary experience.

We congratulate the entire team at Paperfish for this well-deserved recognition of their excellent work!

The Power of Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design can influence the customer experience by creating environments that reflect the brand’s identity and establish an emotional connection with the target audience. While it doesn’t guarantee the gastronomic quality of an establishment, it does have the power to:

Create a memorable experience. The atmosphere of a restaurant can have a significant impact on how customers enjoy their meals. A well-designed interior can create a sense of relaxation and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on diners. At Paperfish, they provide an immersive experience, especially at their Brickell location, where customers enter through a torii gate (link to the article) and step into a terrace adorned with paper lanterns, signage, and elements that transport them to the spectacular world of Japan.

Set the tone for the cuisine. The interior style can also help communicate the type of cuisine being served.

Influence customer expectations. Again: while commercial interior design does not guarantee the quality of the food or service, it can shape how customers perceive and anticipate their dining experience. The goal is to meet or exceed those expectations 😉

Additionally, interior design plays an invaluable role in promoting socialization or providing privacy to customers, depending on the specific objectives of each place. It also contributes to enhancing overall efficiency. Well-designed reception areas, kitchens, storage spaces, and circulation paths optimize workflow, increase staff productivity, and improve customer experience by reducing waiting times and ensuring seamless operations.

Let’s Hype Ourselves

To demonstrate the positive impact of interior design on the ambiance of a restaurant and how diners perceive it, we read reviews on various platforms. We came across some loving testimonials🥹.

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other at this exquisite sushi restaurant. From the moment you step through the elegant entrance, you are transported to a world of sophistication and impeccable taste. This fancy sushi restaurant truly stands out as a gastronomic masterpiece, offering an unparalleled dining experience that will leave you in awe.

Everything at Paperfish was stunning -the services, atmosphere, chic interior, food and drink options

Love at First Bite 
[…] When I arrived to this location the first thing I noticed is their beautiful entrance […]

 […] The decoration is absolutely beautiful and every detail is at the right spot, they even have sake barrels on top of the bar and they look amazing  […]

Fresh Fish in a Hip Setting
[…] Paperfish had a great atmosphere, with faux cherry blossom trees lining a small and intimate setting with classic Japanese street scenes playing on a large projector on the back wall. […]

[…] Food was great and the restaurant was absolutely beautiful! Excited to visit again soon!

[…] The restaurant itself has such a pleasing aesthetic with the cherry trees and lanterns alongside the low lighting. […] 

Japan Takes Miami
A beautiful location filled with great decor, kind wait staff and live DJ music made for an incredible evening. […]

[…] Not only is aesthetically beautiful inside, but the food is always so fresh and good, and for the best price! Highly recommended!

Beautiful and very pleasant place! 
[…] The ambient is very romantic and the decoration hits the spot. […]

Liked very much 
[…]  Nice decorations. Inside cherry trees looks amazing.

 […] There wasn’t one dull spot on the wall. Blossoms were everywhere and it was just so colorful in there! I should’ve taken more pics honestly. […]

 […] Inside the ambiance is beautiful with Japanese cherry blossoms trees, beautiful artwork and color-changing lights.  […] 

Really nice ambiance and setting. It’s a little Japanese-looking gem tucked in a corner of a popular downtown Miami. The cherry blossoms and entryway really makes you think of Spring Japan.  […] 

Love the decor of this place, so chic.  […] 

 […] Hard to find a nice affordable restaurant that still looks luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Will be back. […] 

This restaurant is stunning and the food lives up to the fantastic ambiance. Order all the rolls and the ceviche!! The miso cod is delicious!! I went twice in one week!!

Good food and the ambiance (both indoor and outdoor) is very pleasant and make you feel you are not in Miami.

[…] Was so impressed with this place! This is the perfect restaurant for date night, birthdays, etc. It’s decorated beautifully but the most important thing to note is that the food is good!! […]

[…] Not to mention the place was so beautiful and unique. We will be coming back!

These accolades reaffirm our belief that interior designers are the key ingredient for success. But you know what we love most about our work? It’s a collaborative process. We get to know our clients, understand their needs, and work together to create unique and functional spaces that reflect their vision and personality. It’s gratifying to see how our ideas and skills blend with those of our clients. Working as a team allows us to incorporate different perspectives and creative approaches, enriching us and driving us to surpass ourselves continually.

The Complete Reviews

This is the last time we brag so much, we promise 😄 (click on the photos to enlarge)

Thank you all, and see you in the next post!